The Kennel is the food hub of OIS; it's the kitchen, a store (BowWowChow) where students may purchase brunch and lunch items and the place where students receive pre-ordered lunch meals.


Your child may pre-order lunch with the Boonli Ordering System and pick it up at grade-specific windows (6-7-8). With the pre-order system, students may choose different items each day and make changes throughout the session.


You may also make deposits to Boonli Wallet for students' purchases in the Bow Wow Store. (Boonli Wallet will take the place of Mealtime, so all lunch/brunch transactions are on Boonli now.) When you log into Boonli, you will see an option to pre-order for each student, and an option to add funds for each student. When you click to add funds, you will see the same kind of calendar view as you see for the pre-orders. You can add funds for any day, and those funds will be available immediately for that student to use any day until the funds are depleted. You can check the student's balance by going to your "order history" from the menu in the top left corner.


The store will be fully stocked with snacks, drinks, brunch and lunch items, and ice cream/desserts as it was in 2019-20. Students can purchase items using the funds loaded into their Boonli Wallet, or they can bring cash.



We've partnered with Fourth Bore to make delicious brunch and lunch items here at OIS. Our fresh and healthy meals are prepared on-site and delivered to students with the help of many parent volunteers.


Thank you!