OIS Winter Sports Session 1

(Boy's Basketball and Rock Climbing to come in January)


Coed Soccer ( 6th/7th/8th - registration limited to first 24 sign ups)
Coed Soccer offers 90 minutes of action Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays with all grade levels intermixed on two squads. This winter sport provides all students with an equal opportunity to learn, play, and to compete against other schools in the East Bay. Our experienced coaches provide skill development, lead up games, and sports strategy in a fun and positive environment.


11/1/21 - 12/17/21

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3:30-5:00


Girls Basketball (7th/8th grade - registration limited to first 12 sign ups per grade)

Our 7th and 8th basketball programs offer all students 90 minutes of action packed skill development, lead up games, and sport strategy which are taught in a positive and productive environment. Our 7th and 8th graders train and play on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly. Teams will have a chance to compete against other East Bay middle schools 8-10 times per season. 7th grade teams play against other 7th grade teams, and 8th grade plays against 8th grade. Game/practice schedules will be distributed the second week of practice.


11/1/21 - 12/17/21

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3:30-5:00


6th Grade Girls Recreational Basketball

Our 6th-grade basketball players meet twice a week. The focus of our program is to refine individual skills through fun drills and creative lead up games. We focus on turning students on to basketball and downplay outcomes and scores. Our 6th-grade program has a flavor of intramurals, with the possibility of scrimmages against other schools.


11/9/21 - 12/17/21

Tuesday, Thursday 3:30-5:00


Yoga (6th/7th/8th - registration limited to first 18 sign ups)
Yoga is a great way for students to increase their focus, concentration, self-esteem, and stamina while decreasing stress, tension, and tight muscles. It's good for any athlete who needs extra stretching, kids who carry oversized, overweight backpacks, or anyone who wants to learn a healthy way to tone muscles and align bones.
Mat, foam block and strap provided. No previous yoga instruction necessary. Come and join in the fun - you might even learn a few words in Sanskrit.


11/2/21 - 12/14/21

Tuesdays 3:30-5:00