Please support the 2022-2023 ONE-OIS Fund by making a donation of $2,000 per student. This amount bridges the gap between state funding and the actual amount of money it costs to educate each student at OIS. 

Want to make a bigger difference? Want to help our OIS families who may not be able to give this year? With the additional donation of $200, you will help to further support your child’s education. Even better, become a Benefactor!​


To donate online, refer to the table below for suggested gift levels and select the corresponding button in the form on the right.  At the bottom of the form, indicate the "sponsor level" at which you donated. 

You can select "Give Today" to pay the full amount at once, "Give in Installments" to make your donation in monthly or quarterly installments, or "Check/DAF" to promise your donation now, but follow up with a non-electronic payment later. Here is the link to ONE-OIS's stock donation form!

Thank you for supporting Orinda's students!