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The mission of the OIS Parents' Club is to promote educational excellence at OIS and provide funding and support for people, programs and projects, all of which improve the middle school experience for OIS students and parents.


The Orinda Parents' Club has joined with all the other Orinda schools and EFO to simplify and improve our school fundraising by creating ONE - Orinda Network for Education, a new organization operated by the leaders of the Orinda Parents' Clubs.



What makes OIS so special? Ask anyone and they will tell you it's the parents, teachers and students who come together to create a thriving academic community. You may know that research shows that when parents are involved in their children's schools, students do better. At OIS, our parents prove this is true.

OIS parents are dedicated. We understand that state and federal funding for our school is inadequate. We know that our financial support is considered necessary to provide the enriched education we desire for our students. For more than twenty-five years, OIS parents have raised the money needed to bridge the gap between public funding and the true cost of a well-rounded and high-quality education.

OIS parents are involved. In addition to the financial support parents provide, we also have an active volunteer community who daily make a difference at OIS. Our volunteers encompass a large group of parents serving on our Parents' Club Board, volunteers working on campus each day, parents who work in the Bulldog Kennel serving brunch and lunch five days a week and others who from their homes and/or workplace manage the many programs and projects we proudly sponsor. Thousands of volunteer hours are spent each year helping our school. We're involved!

OIS parents care. Why do we spend time and money on our school? We care about the education our children will receive at OIS and we all want it to be the best. We care!

Thank you OIS Parent Community for being a part of our Parents' Club!


We're dedicated, we're involved and we care.